How to Host a Virtual Tasting Party

When you’re building a business, every decision counts. Even deciding on the right business takes time and energy. But, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you don’t want to start building a business without understanding what you’re selling.

Remember, it’s so much easier to sell a product when you have personal experience with it. By getting to know the products and understanding how they worked for you, you’ll have a wealth of knowledge to draw from when you need to talk about them! So, after you do your research and try the products yourself, then it’s a good time to look into selling them. But, what if you’re currently home with the kids, and don’t have time to clean up and host an in-person party? Keep reading to learn about Yoli’s Virtual Tasting Parties and how to host your own.

Find Your Attendees

Finding people who need Yoli in their life isn’t hard. So many of us need to reset our health, and learn better ways of taking care of ourselves. Whether you love sharing about your health journey on social media or you like meeting people in person, there are so many ways to organically share about what changed your life. In fact, people may just come to you out of the blue!

Send out Your Tasting Packs

Once you have a handful of people who want to learn more, take advantage of their interest and send out some Tasting Packs quickly. If they’re interested in Yoli, they probably want to try it now.

Schedule a Virtual Tasting Party

Let everyone know when your Virtual Tasting Party is, or ask them to name a time that works for them. Virtual Tasting Parties are like other parties: they’re more fun when more people show up. So, try to find a time that works well for everyone, and make sure to send a reminder the day before. Consider testing your video chat beforehand, so you know how the technology works.


During your Party, encourage your attendees to try all the products they’ve received. Explain a little bit about what you love about each product, and don’t be shy if a flavor or product isn’t your favorite. Everyone appreciates honesty, and you might just make a friend for life for it.

Think of ways to make your Virtual Tasting Party more exciting or impactful for your guests. Consider showing your before and after pictures, talking about how your life has changed, or anything else that you think would be helpful. Be yourself, and have fun. 

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